En Plein-Air. Sunlight Splashes
September 1, 2018 - October 30, 218
Summer time is a long awaited season for en plein-air works. Splashes of sunlight and variety of colors inspire the artist to create landscapes and still-life in an amateur-friendly manner making even the most distinguished painting technics and ideas easily perceived by art lovers. Most of the artists choose to work in the country, where everything is bursting with life and saluting long and warm days, giving a painter uneasy task to depict this nature hooray with its constant change of visible palette throughout the day in sunlight.

In the paintings of Ozhogin and Toropov we see interesting treatment of color and sophisticated manner of light and shadow expression, although the painting technics vary. Toropov prefers long firm brush strokes, using thick-flowing painting techniques and clear vivid colors which generally creates an impression of realism in his works. Ozhogin otherwise uses thick and short brush strokes to capture the essence of the subject not focusing that much on concrete details. He is intrigued with the diffused reflection of objects in the rays of light and juxtaposes his colors side-by-side to create a vibrant color temperature of the painting.
  • Oleg Ozhogin. Flower Field, 2018

    Oil on canvas, 60 by 50 cm.

  • Ivan Toropov. Cocks in the Backyard, 2018

    Oil on cardboard, 50 by 60 cm.

  • Oleg Ozhogin. Colorful Lilacs, 2018

    Oil on canvas, 70 by 45 cm.

  • Ivan Toropov. Countryhouse, 2018

    Oil on cardboard, 40 by 60 cm.

  • Ivan Toropov. Sunflowers, 2018

    Oil on canvas, 130 by 160 cm.

  • Ivan Toropov. Teatime, 2018

    Oil on canvas, 40 by 50 cm.

  • Oleg Ozhogin. Firewoods , 2018

    Oil on canvas, 40 by 50 cm.

  • Oleg Ozhogin. Forest Lake in Sunset, 2018

    Oil on canvas, 50 by 60 cm.