• Victoria

    Portrait of Tishka

    Oil on canvas, 140 by 80 cm.

Victoria's Gallery, based in St Petersburg and established in 2016, focuses on contemporary Russian Art. For a long time Russian Art remained unfamiliar to the public due to its deep connection to the country's tradition and lifestyle. It took time for the artists to develop expressive technics and proficient approaches to make their vision reflected on canvas widely recognized and appreciated.

The Gallery sees its mission in supporting and promoting young, talented and creative artists, who although possess strong academic background made their choice to live and work in the country or in small Russian towns. Most of the artists, our gallery works with, inherited best traditions of the Russian classical painting school – genuine painting technics combined with creative approach– and developed them through deeply personal artistic attitude.

Victoria's Gallery shares strong believe that true art is a quintessence of beauty and its grades and always aims to its full expression although limited with the human nature. It exists above politics, religion or business and possess objective value which remains undisputed throughout the time.