Ivan Toropov
Trucks. Boys Toys and Inspiration.
October 30, 2018 – February 28, 2019

Victoria's Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition devoted to countryside lifestyle, with a special focus on trucks. The current exhibition is a solo stage of a Siberian painter - Ivan Toropov. The artist is genuinely interested in painting vehicles, and often shows the same theme in several treatments, achieving a maximum of efficiency and expression.

Capturing the everyday life of a modest village, the artist lovingly recreates on canvas midday break during harvesting season in summer: peasant's resting right on the cutted hay near the trucks in the middle of a field with some haystacks on the background; and this colour pattern, as well as the intimate, behind-the-scenes, subject matter generate a poetic image of life.

In the paintings of Toropov we can see interesting treatment of color and sophisticated manner of light and shadow expression. Toropov prefers long firm brush strokes, using thick-flowing painting techniques and clear vivid colors which generally create an impression of realism in his works.

  • Morning in May, 2016

    Oil on canvas, 120 by 90 cm.


  • Hay Harvesting, 2017

    Oil on canvas, 180 by 120 cm.


  • Rainy Day, 2014

    Oil in canvas, 50 by 60 cm.


  • Busy Summer Day 2016

    Oil on cardboard, 50 by 70 cm.


  • Red Truck, 2018

    Oil on cardboard, 55 by 70 cm.


  • Enjoying the Landscape, 2018

    Oil on cardboard, 70 by 45 cm.